The New Millennium Mission Tour Officially Started in 2000
Creating A Think Act Positive Legacy .. Rising the level of environmental awareness & consciousness, traveling world wide. Promoting the Mission & Goals of '" new Millennium  mission tour

2001 Canada Founder 2001  , Spirit Sports Environment ,
The vision was and still is so much ahead of the execution.. the momentum each year is encouraging to be with mankind
2007 Germany
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Creating An Innovative Position For The Environment..

The ' Mystic Man '

Joseph 2010 , Photo Description: Modern Primitive Art by Tim Lynch
The "Mystic Man" photograph was the product of talking the idea through with the model. The ultimate composition resulted in 5 different pieces shot with the MegaVision S2 back. In the first shot the model is looking toward the x-ray of the hand, which represents the future. The skull represents the past, and the last shot of him looking up for guidance, features the mountains and sky of two different Mark Hunt Backdrops. "I want the image to get you on an intellectual level and an emotional level. With that being said, I try to build a shot with one element at a time." Some images have one or two elements. Others have many elements making us a successful shot. "In my mind the artist1s work should either move you, or entertain you. I think the vision is always ahead of the execution. I want to look in the viewfinder and see something I have never seen before."

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My Vision As A Model founder ..

"He is a figure of empowerment", By Dr. Michelle La Flamme

Be it!

Sense Confidence
My experience and that passion that has brought me to this point in my life has culminate from my career as a basketball player, actor, model, public relation spokesperson, environmental activism, designer, fitness instructor, inventor, and probably a few other titles. There have been some critical points that has change and challenge my fibers. As I continue to write and share my thoughts .. Book it! We are Writing the Book

Organization Endorsement : this organization needs the support of all people and businesses who care about the Education and the Environment. The Goal of is
  • to encourage people to become educated Spirit Sports Environment ,
  • to encourage racial harmony
  • to promote environmental causes
  • Spirit Sports Environment , Spirit Sports Environment , Team Concept PDF , Team Concept PDF , About Friendship ! For humanity -

    Welcome To The Game !
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    Feel. See. Smell. Taste. Hear.
    Randon Plays With Purpose


Point guard, Power forward, a Coach ,

    In Your Face -The Ultimate Scoring Guide Processing In the New Millennium Court for the Love of the Humanity,
    Developing Story

 founder Joseph Renwick Randon, Celebrating the Human Senses and promoting the brand within you Code FSSTH by

    The Orginal Score of this illustration represents the ultimate game to inspire the human family to win for the environment


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  • Feel - The - Sence
    It's Our Story. I Am, just a part of it, I Care, is about Caring for the environment

    A Wave That Cares..


 I have Keep the Faith... founder Says OPEN is a title that fits so perfectly, I am a fan of Humanity
    The Model Story

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    Inside the Conversation For Positive Change

    It's About the Next Generation
    A Peace On Earth Movement

SoundWater.Com Promoting Peace On Earth - Peace talk between Iran and United Arab Emirates

    Special Thanks To the People from " Iran & United Arab Emirates " Bridging the Gap. Our Conversation yesterday must not be forgotten or treated just as an idea of possibilities. It's time for positive action. AsU said both country and especially the people want to have peace and to get along with each other. Thank you for accepting our business card and sharing. Yes, I do believe I / we are the one to be the catalyst to make it happen.

    Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Question:
    Do You Like Georgia ?
    What Are You Doing Here ?
    To: the Georgian People from Joseph Renwick Randon
  • Prom Card
  • Answer:
    Yes We Love Georgia !

SoundWater.Com Tbilisi Georgia photo prom taken by joseph Renwick Randon

    Our research development is Installing our TAP into the MAP program. Believing in the Georgians people. Listening, Sharing, Investing, & Praying for Peace on Earth. Bridging the Racial Boundaries between all cultures. Connecting international For
    One Earth. One People.

  • Promoting Peace On Earth
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My career in basketball and love for the game brought me back to keep in touch with sport of the game - 

    Peace is the Only Game in Town
    He has many diversified looks that could fit any brand endorsement. Curious, inventive,and constantly looking to and through human behaviour for future inspiration. He has a great insight into people giving him the ability to draw inspiration and recreate dramatic human emotions and images that draw you in. Clever and inspirational with ideas and visual effects he excels at endorsing any diversity of brands whilst integrating a Think Act Positive forum. Highly recommend him for any campaign that needs global market reach!
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    Marketing Developers Melbourne
    April 2013
  • I said to my self that if I were ever going to be a part of something positive, saving the earth would be it.
    Inspired To Save The Earth

Save The Earth Foundation Inspired me to dedicate my life to Saving the Earth; photo by IMAD 1996 Brookline, Massachusetts