SoundWater.com New Millennium Mission tour Game Plan started 2000 in USA travel from the west to the east.. the reality read like an save the earth play book

SoundWater.com improving the Human existence elevating Positive thinking
Feel Our Game Plan. Advertising a Better World by the People through their Products or Services. ,  
The idea is On the table. 

SoundWater.Com webtables currently opens up the ideas of the conversations possiblities, resources and action. 

Based on a team concept soundwater.com advertising algorithm offers its own information system.
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  • Inspiring The Process


    Endorsing Peace In the Middle East


SoundWater.com founder Model in pic photo by Tim Lynch - Gaming for humanity platform
  • Positioning Peace On Earth. The Good Thing is the momentum being built on positive inspiration within the walls of our thoughts...

  • A Peace On Earth Brand Promoter
    " Promoting the Reasons To Love Australia "
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My career in basketball and love for the game brought me back to keep in touch with sport of the game -

    photo by Florence Law
    Peace is the Only Game in Town
    He has positive human energy, he, Joseph Renwick Randon, with many diversified looks that could fit any brand endorsement. Curious, inventive,and constantly looking to and through human behaviour for future inspiration. He has a great insight into people giving him the ability to draw inspiration and recreate dramatic human emotions and images that draw you in. Clever and inspirational with ideas and visual effects he excels at endorsing any diversity of brands whilst integrating a Think Act Positive forum. Highly recommend him for any campaign that needs global market reach!
    Marketing Developers April 2013 - Floriza Business Services -Melbourne

    As a Social Entrepreneur, it is imperative that you take part in our Success Story it's all about improving humanity
  • Our Story Starts with U      


SoundWater.com & Social U - University of Miami School of Communication

  • It is an exciting time for African American filmmakers and actors in Hollywood. Clearly, the larger global audience is being made aware of the different types of stories that are embedded in these narratives. This means that there is a greater possibility of new narratives being recognized as both interesting and economically viable. It is based on a beautiful, sensitive and charming African American man who explores the currency of his blackness while promoting global awareness of the need for environmental change. A black man in the environmental movement, you may ask? An African American in global contexts has different insights that develop his awareness about the powerful currency of blackness and the social challenges. Founder of SoundWater.Com -

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Soundwater.com Founder Joseph Renwick Randon Tel Aviv, Israel 2014 February photo by
    photo by Ann L. Andersson
    I Think The Model Story Conceptualizes and reads into the journey very well..

    Enhancing Brand Engagement  

SoundWater.com ball sense-Human Development- Serving as Vehicle to improve your public relations

SoundWater.com court model is an illustration of it's theme and gaming application to enhance public relation
    Endorsement Your Positive Play

SoundWater.com HD - Human Development approach to improving, and enriching Life for tomorrow

    Brand Interface
  • Ferrero"

  • Advertising A Better World by the people with an inventive algorithm and a mission designed to improve the existence of mankind. The concept of the game made sense to me with the earth being our ball ( Let's Think This Game into Play) .  University of Miami Basketball Players Kevin Presto, 3 and Joseph Randon 4 1988 Coach Bill Foster

My experience at the University of Miami started the game. Here the inspiration and motivation ignited. Coincidentally, a look back does gravitates to the Time of life having it's own thinking head. I'm wearing the number 4 and my teammate wearing the 3. Both of these combination has a direct impact in our development. Explore Our Vision ( T.A.P. )

  • "The Theory of sports and the philosophy of spirit is a work in progress in fact to it's own defined perfection.
    Our Program is about the ideals of thinking by which sometimes compartmentalizes certain aspects of our development to improve immediacy of our environment. However, currently my vision is scoring in the process, collaborating and playing the idea to bring forth the best information system to delivery a social / global benefit." Founder SoundWater.Com 

SoundWater.com founder plays thinking acting positive as the play book for life